ILMEX is a Spanish manufacturer of decorative LED lights. It forms part of the Ximenez Group, the market leader in Spain with over 60 years of experience. Because of its range of different lights, enormous creativity and extensive know-howILMEX has experienced remarkable growth, both within Spain and internationally. At the moment ILMEX is active in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Schneemann Concepts is distributor for ILMEX.

Schneemann Concepts delivers to installers, municipals and companies. Apart from the standard collection, ILMEX specialises in custom-made conceptual Christmas lighting and festive lighting. Because all the products are made in ILMEX’s own factories in Spain, any design can be easily produced in a short space of time and without extra costs.

Schneemann Concepts can make a difference, both during the holiday season and during festivals and other activities.

More importance is given to translating the identity of a city or area into a complete concept with custom-made conceptual LED lighting to create an original and unique atmosphere. This is a discipline that Schneemann Concepts and ILMEX can offer like no one else.

Schneemann Concepts stands for distinctive designs, high quality and optimal service.

ILMEX’s inspirational showroom and creative units in Spain.


ILMEX delivers LED lighting of undeniable quality; quality is key in every stage, from the raw materials to the socially sound and sustainable business operations.


All products are manufactured in ILMEX’s factories in Spain


ILMEX has a lot to offer: creativity, know-how and in house production. Because of this, all designs can be easily produced in a short space of time and without extra costs.

ILMEX has more than 50,000 m² of space available in Spain for production,storage and showrooms.