Schneemann Concepts specialises in creating atmosphere and experiences in shopping areas, public spaces, festivals, hotels and the leisure industry.

Schneemann Concepts has years of experience in the design and development of lighting and decoration projects. Creative and unique designs that convey the identity or “branding” of a product or service are what Schneemann Concepts specialises in and is passionate about. Enthusiasm and creativity combined with a realistic approach result in high-profile projects with a unique experience. Schneemann Concepts stands for a clear and no-nonsense approach.

Schneemann Concepts is distributor for ILMEX. Schneemann Concepts designs, develops and delivers both small-scale and large-scale decoration projects.

Advice and vision, sharing thoughts and developing basic principles are important starting points for a successful project. Schneemann Concepts stands for a realistic and pragmatic approach.

Enthusiasm and being on the ball when guiding a project take away concerns and guarantee success.

Creative, well thought-out and innovative designs guarantee an optimal result. Practical solutions are part of the overall concept.

A well-organised and efficient approach means that both small-scale and large-scale projects can be realised as agreed.